Welcome to the Club Drug Clinic. We are a free, confidential NHS service supporting people who want to change the way they are using recreational drugs.

Our catchment area includes anyone living in Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster or Kensington and Chelsea.

We offer non-judgemental support and advice to help you deal with problems you are experiencing with club drugs We aim to help you reduce the risks and harm caused to your body, mind and the people around you.

When we first meet, we will ask you what help you would like. Although many people coming to the service want to stop using drugs, we also work with people who want to cut back and use more safely. Agreeing an initial goal is really important because we can then decide how to best support you. You may find that your goals change as you regain control over drugs, so we will keep checking with you to make sure we are offering the right support.

The CNWL Club Drug Clinic has expert knowledge of all types of club drugs so whatever the problem is, we can help you achieve your goal.

The CNWL Club Drug Clinic has extensive experience in working with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) communities, and has genuine cultural competence in dealing with the drug addiction issues that occur within these communities, including sexual health and use of certain club drugs (e.g. GBL/GBH, crystal meth and mephedrone).

We usually offer weekly face to face appointments, but also offer video or telephone appointments.

The best way to work out if we are the right service for you is to call us on 020 3317 3000 or email us at clubdrugclinic.cnwl@nhs.net.

We can then talk through the problem and see how we can help.

Unfortunately you live outside our catchment area and we are not funded to offer you treatment. We are sorry not to be able to help you directly, but if you call us, we can support you to find your local drug service.

Private services

We offer a small number of private services including aftercare support, psychology sessions and one off psychiatric assessments. For prices and availability, please contact clubdrugclinic.cnwl@nhs.net or call us on 020 3317 3000

Drugs we work with

We routinely ask people coming to our service if they would recommend us to a friend or family member. 98% say yes, they would.

Some of the feedback we have received:

“Day to day life was a total mess before I accessed the services available at CDC. I was struggling to make sense of things and looking for answers in all the wrong places. With a combination of counselling, advice and a safe place to talk openly and honestly about things I began to imagine a life without drugs. It wasn't easy at all but I got there in the end. I don't believe I'd have made it through without the support of CDC”

“The team have gone above and beyond to support me”

“By really hearing me when I said that the drugs themselves are only part of the problem, the Club Drug Clinic has provided me with the support I needed to address a range of other issues and I cannot thank them enough”

“I owe being alive to you, which is no exaggeration”

“I was able to talk and express myself completely openly without feeling judged or misunderstood”

“I think the clinic is such a special service and I found every member of staff to be so kind and insightful”

“Welcoming, supportive and non-judgemental, the Service has helped me solve my problems at their very core.”

The CNWL Club Drug Clinic was founded in 2010 for people who, for whatever reason, did not wish to attend mainstream, opiate-orientated drug treatment services. Our service focuses on established and emerging ‘club drugs’ including ketamine, methamphetamine, GHB/GBL, synthetic stimulants, prescription medications and hallucinogens.

The multi-disciplinary team works intensively with a small caseload leading to excellent results. Around 65-70% of people attending the service complete treatment successfully (the national average for non-opiates is 35%). The service works both with people wanting abstinence and those who want to cut down and use more safely. Approaches include NICE approved interventions such as relapse prevention, motivational interviewing and medically assisted detoxification.

In addition, we have excellent experience in the following

  • Drug facilitated sexual behaviours (‘chemsex’)
  • Student populations
  • Prescription medication misuse including benzodiazepines and cognition enhancers
  • Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)

Research and quality improvement are embedded in the service culture and we have produced a number of free national resources for clinical staff. These include

If you would like to discuss a clinical case, then please contact us on clubdrugclinic.cnwl@nhs.net. We would be delighted to hear from you.

If you are a researcher or health professional and are interested in collaborating with the service, then please contact us on clubdrugclinic.cnwl@nhs.net.

Clinical placements

We regularly host placements from the UK and international including France, Italy, South Korea and Australia. For more information please contact us on clubdrugclinic.cnwl@nhs.net.

Private services

We offer a small number of private services including aftercare support, psychology sessions and one off psychiatric assessments. For prices and availability, please contact clubdrugclinic.cnwl@nhs.net.

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