Coke, Charlie, Snow, Blow, Toot, Nose Candy

  • A white (sometimes lumpy) powder

  • Cocaine is usually taken by snorting it with a rolled up banknote or straw

  • Some people inject it or 'booty bump' (take by rectal administration)

  • Positive effects can include euphoria, mental alertness, increased self-confidence and energy, different ways of thinking, and feelings of being physically strong or invincible.

  • Short-term body changes might be increased heart rate, blood pressure and temperature, as well as dilated pupils, dry mouth and decreased appetite, and sometimes erectile dysfunction.
  • Negative effects found are irritability, aggressiveness, paranoia, disorientation, anxiety, recklessness, mood swings and hallucinations.
  • Withdrawal and come-down symptoms reported can include intense cravings, hunger, irritability, tiredness, anxiety, depression, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, loss of sex drive, insomnia or excessive sleep, dizziness, and shaking.

  • Long-term body changes can include heart attacks, chest pain, breathing problems, ulcers, nose-bleeds, perforated septum, throat and stomach problems, dental problems, strokes and seizures.
  • It has been linked to premature birth, stillbirths and spontaneous abortions in women.