Ecstasy: E, Pills, Mandy, Beans, XTC, Brownies, Mitsubishis, Rolexs, Dolphins,

Adam, Molly

  • MDMA can normally be found as pills or capsules, or as a white powder. The pills come in different colours and often have logos or symbols on them. The difference between MDMA and Ecstasy is that MDMA is most commonly found as a powder, and Ecstasy - which is found predominately as a pill

  • Usually swallowed as a pill, powder or mixed in a drink, or wrapped in cigarette paper. MDMA can also be snorted or dabbed onto the gums. Can also be injected.

  • Positive effects can include intense pleasurable feelings, high mood, increased empathy, feelings of closeness, increased physical energy, and enhanced self confidence

  • Negative effects sometimes found are anxiety, paranoia, not feeling real (in an unpleasant way), risk taking and confusion.
  • Withdrawal and come-down symptoms reported are low mood, increased anxiety, decreased energy, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, paranoia, obsessional thoughts, and sleeping difficulties.

  • Long-term body changes can include liver damage, heart problems, stroke, as well as memory and brain impairment.